1. Consult

Sites, projects, deals, clients, and issues are not created equal. SWC’s specialty is analyzing all stormwater requirements, available details, your budget, and finding the best possible solution. SWC also can provide everything from:

2. Inspect

SWC can inspect your entire stormwater collection system including all types of best management systems (manufactured or natural systems) and all types of structures (catch basins, manholes, outlet control structures, etc.). Inspecting your site will help protect your capital investment; in, under, and around parking lots and buildings. Our inspections typically arm property managers with additional information to properly manage your investment.

3. Maintain

Understanding your site and its maintenance needs(s) are important to protecting your investment and the environment. SWC can accomplish all of your maintenance needs including:

If a piece of equipment is needed for our work and it doesn’t exist we work to create it ourselves or our partners. See our equipment page for more information.

4. Document

Documentation is almost more important than every item listed above. You can no longer say “I cleaned the my porous pavement” or “everything is acceptable” – regulators want to see results. With proper documentation you can satisfy town, state, and federal requirements as well as create a record of work completed to be used in solving future deficiencies. SWC documents all consulting, inspection, and maintenance activities for town, state, federal submissions including but not limited to annual reporting, DEP recertification, Alteration of Terrain Permits, etc. SWC has experience submitting documentation in many towns/cities and states.